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What size do I need?



Our Custom Dip Kits come in three different sizes:

Base Coat
Clear Coat
Film Activator
Small .5 square meters (20" x 39")
2 oz.
2 oz

2 oz
Large 1 square meter (20" x78")
3 oz.
3 oz
2 oz
Extra Large

3 square meters (20" x 234")

9 oz.
9 oz
9.4 oz aerosol

So... What Do You Need?

You can almost think of the film in the same way that you would when you are determining the amount of wrapping paper that you would need if you want to gift wrap an item. Basically, you are going to need enough hydrographic film to wrap completely around the item in the same way that wrapping paper would.

So, for example, let's say that we want to dip the item in the picture below. It is 20" long, 6" wide and 2" thick.

What Size Kit Do I Need?

To determine the length that you will need, add the length plus 2 times the thickness (we have to account for the thickness at both ends). So, in our case the film needs to be 20" + 2" + 2" = 24" long. Now, we'll add a 2" for a "fudge factor" and decide that we need a piece that is 26" long.

For width, we need to make sure that we have enough material to get all of the way around the item. So, in our case, 6" (one side) + 2" (thickness of one side) + 6" (the other side) + 2" (thickness of the other side) + 2" (fudge factor) = 18"

So, there you have it, you will need a piece 16" x 26" to be able to dip this one item.

Now, you'll need to examine your item. Is it made of multiple parts? For example, a rifle might have a stock, barrel, receiver, scope, rings, etc.. You'll have to measure each of these parts in the same way so that you can determine your overall need.

Example Uses For Each Size Kit

Small Kits give you enough material to dip:

  • 2 - 3 hand guns
  • Complete bow (limbs and riser)
  • Animal skull
  • Any number of small items - game calls, cell phone cases, switch plates, etc.
  • Rifle stock and small accessories
  • Scope and rings
  • 1 - 2 wheel rims

Large Kits give you enough material to dip:

  • Complete rifle (stock, barrel, receiver, scope and rings)
  • Dash board
  • 3 - 4 wheel rims
  • Small bicycle frame

Extra Large Kits give you enough material to dip:

  • Well..... a WHOLE lot of stuff!

Still Not Quite Sure What You Need?

Ask us! We'll be more than happy to help you out!

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