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OAD Dipp Kit / DIY Hydrographic Finishing System


OAD Dipp Kits are Do-It-Yourself Hydrographic Finishing Systems that offer a professional quality finish using the highest quality base coat paints, hydrographic films, hydrographic activator, and clear coats without the professional costs. Hydrographics is also known as hydrographic printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, aqua dipping, hydro dipping, or hydro imaging. The process allows a 3-D object to be decorated using graphics such as; camouflage, carbon fiber, wood grain, skull, illusion, design and animal prints.

Hydrographics is used for decorating hard-surface materials such as glass, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramics, and plastics. If it can hold a base coat and can be submerged in water without harm, it can be decorated using the Hydrographics process. This is the same process and tools that commercial hydrographic companies use, just in a Do-It-Yourself home version. Our Hydrographic Finishing Systems(OAD Dipp Kits) are available in 3 different sizes to meet your at home decorating needs. Included with every complete kit is a 90 minute Instructional DVD to teach you how to get the results the professionals use. We also offer Refill Kits and Hydrographic Supplies separately for the DIY enthusiast. Looking to get into the hydrographic industry? Save money and get an OAD Dipp Kit-DIY Hydrographic Finishing System today to get started in the hydrographic industry!!! Our Kits also make great gifts for any occasion or hobbiest in your life. 

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