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O'Shea's Aqua Dipp Embroidered Logo Cap
Realtree AP HD with "customizing your lifestyle" on left side 
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OAD Camo Bracelet (price per bracelet)
****Note all jewelry will be different in appearance but will be of the same pattern as  you ordered due to size of film and processing methods. 
****Film patterns and colors can be changed so if you would like to order a specific pattern please contact us to discuss options in regards to cost and min. qty required for specific patterns.   
As of right now shirts and hats have a three week processing time, sorry for the inconvience. On all OAD Jewelry we keep most items in stock, but if we are out of a certain pattern we will contact you with processing time.  If you have any questions regarding ordering items please contact us at ccb@osheasaquadipp.com .   Please note shipping costs are included in item price for T-shirts and Hats.