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Powder Coating 

Description of Powder Coating

Powder coating is an advanced process of electro-statically applying powder consisting of finely ground resin and pigment to any surface that can withstand a temperature of 400º F. These surfaces include virtually all metals. The coated item is then placed in a curing oven where the powder "melts" to the surface resulting in a high quality, long lasting finish. Items intended for use in especially hot environments, such as engine manifold exhaust pipes, bar-b-ques and stoves must be coated with a special ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings go onto the surface as a liquid and when dry, can withstand temperatures that exceed 2000°F.

Why powder coat?

Items that are powder coated last longer because the finish is far more resistant to scratching, chipping, harsh chemicals, fading, rusting and wearing than other finishes. Powder coating doesn't last forever, but usually lasts many times longer than any other coating. It also is usually a much thicker coating than you would obtain with paint. This thicker coating can provide a pleasant "feel" to an item. This is especially noticeable on hand railings.

Color choices are virtually unlimited, with high and low gloss, clear and metallic, as well as textured finishes. Finishes can range from smooth to wrinkled, matted finishes, or rough textures which hide surface imperfections. It should be noted that while almost any color can be obtained, the same color matching limitations that apply to liquid paints apply to powder coating colors. Most notably, is that of exactly matching one lot of powder to a previous lot cannot be guaranteed. An additional issue is that if a color is not a commonly "standard" stock item, customizing the color may result in extra charges.


You can be assured that our powder coating process is environmentally friendly and, unlike paint, there is no drying time. We recommend that when possible, coated items should be unused for 6 or 7 days after powder coating to ensure a complete "cure."


Any item to be powder coated must be clean to ensure a beautiful high quality finish. This is accomplished by various methods, such as sandblasting, phosphate washing and burn-off. The method of cleaning is determined by the type and condition of the metal. We include sandblasting and cleaning in our estimate to you so there are no "extra" cleaning or preparation fees.


The next step is the electrostatic application of the powder to the item. This is accomplished by a special gun that gives the powder an electrical charge as it is sprayed onto the item to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the item until they are melted, bonded and fused into a smooth coating in the curing oven.

After the baking is finished the item is removed from the oven to cool and the powder coating process is complete.


Limitations of Powder Coatings:

  1. Matching existing colors with powder colors is no more exact than doing so with liquid paint.

  2. Because the resulting powder coating is thicker than a liquid paint coating, the item coated may not fit into the same space it came from. For example, bed frames are a favorite item to powder coat and if the style is one that requires rails to fit into a slot in the headboard, adding the thickness of powder coating may prevent the same fit as before or may not even allow a fit at all.

  3. Powder may not penetrate spaces, corners or cracks in an object. Because the powder is "charged", it is drawn to the nearest metal surface. The powder can therefore be attracted to surfaces leading to a crack or hole before it can reach them. Special caulking, welding or other processes may be needed to seal such items before the powder coating process is started.

  4. While powder coatings are very durable, they are not "bullet proof". They can be chipped or cracked if struck with an object just as paint would, though paint can not usually withstand such forces as well as a properly applied powder coating. Just as with paint, if a powder coating is "compromised", moisture can penetrate to an object causing damage, such as allowing an object to rust for example, and this damage can spread unseen under the powder coating.

Prismatic Powder Colors Available for Order to "customize your lifestyle"

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