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 O’Shea’s Aqua Dipp  provides Water Transfer Film Design and Development to "customize your lifestyle" even more.  To find out more  or get a quote on our film development please
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O'Shea's Aqua Dipp has partnered with Pass Thru Outdoor Gear to bring you "Dissimulation".

The predators that have chased big game animals for thousands of years have the best patterns to keep them hidden from their prey in every terrain and season no matter what the weather conditions. We thought it was time that our camouflage evolved as well. "Dissimulation" is a camouflage pattern that was born from these hunters. We believe that looking like a bush or tree is no way to stalk or hunt. Dissimulation has the depth, detail and contrast to break up the human outline at any distance and give you the edge against all game animals.

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